Turning Around a Bad Day

Let’s be honest here, there is no magic formula for fixing a day gone wrong.

But there are options, good options.

Here are my 5 best.

Hit restart – work hard to push the bad luck out of your mind and make a clean beginning. 

Divert your attention to someone worse off than you (i.e., you may be getting a bad case of the flu, but what about the person who has 3 months to live?).

Get with the person who makes you happiest and let them do their thing while you vow not to bring them down.

Recall a previous day that went beyond your expectations as a way to balance your current bad day with a really good one. 

And the one thing that has never failed – get your mind off of you for the rest of the day and totally on someone else. 

Our egos often help to make a bad day worse, so eliminate the ego.

Tomorrow will be better.

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