The Best Deal You Can Ever Make

A recent article in The New York Times “The Best Deal Is What You Give Away” was written by a woman recalling her childhood and the time her father wanted to sell his car, a 1978 Chrysler LeBaron.

The father wanted $1,000 but he looked to his daughter as a “de facto adviser” and the daughter recommended he charge a higher price — $1,200.

In the end the buyer showed up with his two daughters and peeled off $1,200 in hundred dollar bills.  The father hesitated to pocket the money and eventually handed $200 back to the buyer and said “Please, you must take your daughters to Disneyland and buy them whatever they want”.  The man was “confused” but eventually acceded to the seller’s demand.

And therein was a powerful lesson I share today:

“When you have what you need, use the rest to bring joy into someone else’s life.  That is the best deal you could ever make.”

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