The Benefits of Spending Time with Yourself

Being forced to spend time with yourself in isolation or with those very few people close to you has delivered an unanticipated benefit – liking to spend time with yourself.

Pre-lockdown life was demanding and often the most important things took a backseat to whatever was next up – in digital life, never-ending work situations or the challenges of life in a distracted world.

Now that the lockdown seems to be ending, some lessons learned:

  1. Mister Rogers was right all along to say he likes you just the way you are – after the past few months so many people are agreeing.
  2. Best relations come from the quality of time invested not from the number of hours as lockdown forced us to automatically adjust both.
  3. Less is still more as the inability to buy love with money turned out to be a blessing – the gift is not cash rewards but time spent living with ourselves and others.

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