Stress Reduction

Often the things that cause stress just linger and we wind up adding them to our lives.

So, we try everything from meditation to exercise, therapy to medication yet there is one way to make a dent in stress with half the effort and side effects.

People usually can’t recite the major sources of fear and worry in their lives.

They just pile stressors one on top of the other and admit to being stressed out.

  • Focusing on a handful of top anxieties actually can make the quickest difference.
  • Work getting to you? Work smarter and get more rest.
  • Other people’s problems getting YOU down? Put a stop/loss on adding their stress to yours?
  • Worried about the future? Stay busy as most of what we worry about never happens.

It’s funny – we know the things we like and try to work them into our routine as much as possible.

Identifying the specific things that are making us miserable allows us to do as few of them as possible.