Say No to Coronavirus Negativity

Be defiant in denouncing the negativity we hear and experience all day about this challenging time.

Focusing the mind on the present moment is a proven way to relieve anxiety or depression.

Experts say the virus will be around until there is a vaccine but even now we can see how people, businesses, schools and organizations are adapting to ways to live with the underlying threat.

There is hope.

To lift yourself from the negativity that comes from the constant drip-drip-drip of ominous news focus the mind on the present.


The facts:  99% of all Americans will not be infected if they follow safe habits.

The beauty of the moment:  things are going to change and it is not all bad.  There will be many new opportunities.  New realizations of what is important and of course, what is in our lives now that is worth focusing on.

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