Saving Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day 2020 will be the strangest one in anyone’s memory because for health reasons we’re avoiding the usual family gatherings or if they proceed uncertainty hangs over the holiday.

Saving Thanksgiving comes down to counting blessings you never thought about by comparing the current coronavirus with the pandemic of 1918.

  • Back then, no radio, no records, no television – no Netflix or YouTube.
  • No widespread ownership of telephones, certainly no cell phones.
  • No Amazon, no Hello Fresh or Instacart, no drug store deliveries.
  • No Zoom.

But we have it so much better now. 

  • Locked down but not disconnected with friends and loved ones.
  • The ability to work from home because of digital technology that we have.
  • Lifesaving medicines and vaccines on the way, something that was never available in 1918.

This time we may have to give up early holiday shopping or going to the movies on a full stomach but there is also this.

Thanksgiving may have become a routine family gathering that we took for granted but now with more to be thankful for than ever, the holiday has new meaning and importance.