Sailing Through Tough Times

Even during the Great Depression, there was innovation aplenty.

The first car radio (1930), the first electric dry razor (1929), xerography (invented 1938, patented 1942), the chocolate chip cookie (1933 by the owner of the Toll House Inn).

It’s discomforting enough to be constantly battered by news of the first public health pandemic in 100 years and have time to sit around and worry about it.  But recession talk and rising unemployment figures triggered by the virus can also get into the head.

Those are fear thoughts.

Forethoughts are different.

Looking to change careers, wanting to make lifestyle moves to enjoy life, desiring to meet people who share common values.

There is never a recession on dreams and new ideas no matter how much adversity we may be forced to face.

Fear thoughts are centered around why things won’t be good.

Forethought is the first step to overcoming adversity and now is a good time to become familiar with it.