Perfection Anxiety

Trying to be perfect causes anxiety.

The problem with perfection is that few are only perfectionists in one portion of their life.  In other words, it influences every aspect.

On the other hand, when you need a serious operation, you want the surgeon to be a perfectionist.

When dining at an expensive restaurant, you expect the chef to be a perfectionist.

And perfectionists know that even in recreational sports designed to help them relax, they can’t help wanting to be perfect.\

Perfection anxiety cannot be reduced by trying to be what you’re not.

But an awareness that you don’t have to be a perfectionist when doing everything, like your morning run, provides some control, some balance.

Caring enough to be the best is admirable and desired as mentioned above.

But view it as a skill – a gift – that can definitely be balanced with effort.

A successful boxer doesn’t have to punch every person they meet to prove they can do it nor does a perfectionist have to spend 100% of their life creating pressure that robs them of the happiness they’ve earned by killing themselves to be the best.

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