Panic Attack Relief

Almost every family has experience with panic attacks because life is such that they are very prevalent now.

I’m not particularly prone to them personally but not immune from them either.

I was flying from Philadelphia to Las Vegas for a broadcasting convention and ate something that I was apparently allergic to (in the salad dressing) that caused my heart to beat rapidly and my face to turn red – 35,000 feet above land.

There are many causes for panic – too many to go into here – but there are a few things that seem to help.

Just the thought that you will get through the episode helps.

Changing thoughts from fear to thinking about others relieves some distress.

“I will not die” is helpful. 

Deep breathing, relaxation and thinking about other times you’ve dealt with panic sets the stage for recovery.

The physical threats of the cave dwellers trying to avoid being eaten by an animal predator have been replaced by chronic psychological worries and hurts that are multiplied by our constantly in touch lifestyle.

The brain can be rewired to respond to panic by bypassing anxiety for resilience – and it works.

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