Overcoming the Odds

I wanted to be in television so badly I sent audition tapes to the three major network affiliates in Philadelphia for years to no avail.

Not once did I get a rejection letter or a letter even acknowledging my tapes.

But the gift in not getting what I wanted was that it continually showed me how badly I wanted to work on the air in television – so I continued.

One day, year’s later my tape happened to arrive on the desk of the program director of the ABC affiliate and he picked up the phone and called me.

“It’s just a two-day gig.  Nothing more.  You’ll be a booth announcer”.

Once I got my foot in the door, well – you know what happened then.

Not getting what I wanted taught me how badly I wanted it and drove me to continue pursuit of my dream.

Had I become discouraged, I would have learned I was less motivated.

The question is:  how badly do you want it?

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