One-Day Vacation from Stress

Stress, anxiety, fear and worry get compounded as we face each new day as we hold on to the previous day’s problems.

Here’s how a one-day vacation from all that works:

  • Accept no new worries, fear, stress or anxiety for 24 hours by learning how to feel the stress coming on and pushing it until tomorrow. No exceptions.  It’s a day off from worry.
  • Previous days worries and stress are also put on hold for the day.

The toughest part is recognizing the building anxiety as it is happening but as you do, push it off until tomorrow.

When you resume worrying, being fearful again, being down with anxiety and stress, your one-day vacation will provide a fresh look at problems.

Some will go away.  Some will remain, but training the brain to take a short break from emotional distress is an act of personal kindness you deserve.

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