Jeff Bezos Work-Life Balance

Maybe trying to balance work and life together is the wrong approach.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos thinks of it as a work-life circle and that it shouldn’t be looked at as a strict tradeoff.

Now as work follows us into our personal life through digital and social connectivity, any balance is hard to achieve.

Work-life, two integrated parts.

Circular in that they intermix with each other.

The mega billionaire Bezos has breakfast with his family every morning, does not set an alarm clock at night, avoids scheduling meetings (timewasters) and as busy as he is, does his own dishes.

Tech mixed with living.

Being aware of the need for balance in life is probably more helpful than actually wrestling with keeping work and life equal.

Better yet maybe to inject both elements into daily living in an attempt to remain in the now as a function of daily life.

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