In Search of an Even Keel

Stay in the moment and push back on negative thoughts.

How long can we go without being negative?

Keeping a distance from negativity in any form pays big benefits.

If it’s a painful loss, search for something good.

A huge disappointment – push back on negative thoughts and find a positive.

Imagine how the goalie felt who let the winning goal in to allow the other team to win the Stanley Cup?

Or how coach Pete Carroll handled the sudden defeat of his Seahawks against the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX.  Russell Wilson’s goal line slant was intercepted giving Carroll and others plenty to second guess for years to come.  Should they have run the ball in one-half yard to a second consecutive Super Bowl victory instead of pass?

Carroll is still coaching – in fact the Seahawks made the playoffs again this year.

Weathering bad luck, misfortune and nagging hurt is easier when you try to maintain an even keel knowing that life is like a roller coaster anticipating both highs and lows.