How to Stop Fearing Coronavirus

Infectious disease experts say that the fatality rate in China for people who have symptoms of coronavirus is about 4% as of yesterday (March 25).

The death rate in the U.S. as of yesterday was 1.4% although the disease is still peaking and is expected to go higher.

96% or more who got the disease recovered.

You’re not reading or hearing this kind of authentic, factual news because we’re living in a world of instant communication, digital commerce and social media.  It behooves them to stir up fear.

Coronavirus is serious.  It is a pandemic.  It is spreading across the world.  It is affecting economies and lives.  It requires public health sacrifices.

But the death rate is under 4% even in China where it originated.

That alone should go a long way toward converting this deadly virus from fear of dying to the excellent chances we all have of surviving especially if we heed public health measures.

In a digital world fear spreads faster than even disease.