How to Finish Tasks in 5 Hours a Day

Cut interruptions and turn an 8-hour day into a very productive 5-hour day.

This has been confirmed in a 3,000 person 8 country study including the U.S.

But 49% in the U.S. said they need to resort to overtime to do the work that helps them stay employed.

Work creep has moved into our lives.

Four-day work weeks have been shown to reduce stress and make us more efficient because we have to make better decisions on the use of our time.

But, if you’re not in a position to opt for a four-day workweek as the employees of Gray Advertising in New York offers (for 85% of their employees’ salary), then one move makes a big difference.

End constant contact through email as you’re working.

Anything that competes for your time must be managed or else work creep returns, anxiety builds and you become less effective in your work.

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