Happiness Tips from Cave Dwellers

Cave dwellers constantly feared for their lives.

The fight, flight or freeze response in cave dwellers saved their lives from the danger of predators but it gives modern folks panic attacks, anxiety and worry.

A chat could set it off, something on social media, even an email or something ostensibly less threatening like the fear of missing on something.

The 3 big obstacles:

  1. Your brain feels others pain as your own.
  2. For your brain, imaginary is real.
  3. The brain can’t tell physical pain from emotional hurts – a broken heart and broken bone feel pain.

The 2-step solution:

  1. Your greatest joys come from seeing strangers as friends, that’s how the brain becomes happier.
  2. Help others feel safe and cherished and you will receive the same benefit.

Feeling safe and worthy becomes happiness.

The pursuit of gratitude and compassion provides more happiness than the pursuit of happiness itself.

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