Graduation Time

May and June are typically graduation months.

Students move on, move out and hopefully move up to which they aspire.

What a great time for the rest of us (non-students) to think about our graduation.

Getting stuck in a job even if it is to keep a roof over your head is standing still, not moving on to better things.

Graduating students are optimistic, exuberant and yes, fearful about their futures but the educational system forces them to move on and move into the next phase of their life.

Getting stuck in a job you don’t like will not get better until you graduate to something else.

Study the possibilities.

Do the homework – what new skill sets will you need.

Set a deadline.

The great majority of people who are tired of their jobs or fearful of losing them would rather wait until fate or the company decides to take action.

The better way is to look for alternative options now and anticipate a future that you have control of before others determine your fate.

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