Getting the Best of an Argument

I remember when my date brought me home to meet her parents and they graciously took us all out to dinner at The Four Seasons in Philadelphia – on them!

It’s a night I will never forget but not for the reason you think.

Her parents looked like they were going to have an argument somewhere between the sorbet to cleanse the palate and the main course.

The waiters descended on us, her mother was adamant that she was right and she pursued the topic the way I pursed my filet.

But it got worse – louder, more forceful.  My date kicked me under the table as a reminder to keep my mouth shut.

But, amazingly and worth remembering is that this man would not argue – in the end, he told his wife, “you’re right” even though she made him say it a few times.

Crisis over because it’s true, the only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it.

Dessert was glorious.  He lit a cigar and as you just saw, I never forgot the lesson.

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