Feeling Busy All the Time

Calm is the answer to busy.

Busy doesn’t mean productive – it often spells bouts of increased anxiety topped off by a feeling that important things are still not getting done and another round of anxiety follows.

Calm is a word we don’t hear much these days.

Calm is also a key component to dealing with stress.

Nick Foles, the unlikely Super Bowl MVP last year for the Philadelphia Eagles tries to act as a calming force instilling confidence and security in his players.

Creating an atmosphere where admitting mistakes comes easy.

Doing the right thing is the ultimate decider of how to use valuable time.

To gain the quality of being calm, practice on others by showing them how you can calm down a situation and help instill confidence in them.

It’s true multitasking will make you feel busy and focusing too much on digital devices will make you feel overwhelmed and under pressure.  But simply cutting these things out will not work.

Develop calm in others and you will develop calm in yourself.

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