Courage to Decide

When we make a decision, we automatically own it but the fear of making a mistake is always lurking in our minds.

Letting someone else decide is safer, but not always better.  Guessing turns decision making into a bet, we either win or lose.  Not doing anything seems safe, but it is the most dangerous thing to do when something important needs to be considered.

Back to the Ted Williams Principle – baseball’s most prolific hitter in a single season who got on base over 40% of the time.  It got down to the last day of the season – a doubleheader – in which Williams’ manager offered to let him sit on the bench for one or both games to assure that he would enter the record books.  Williams chose to play – both games.  He finished the season batting .406.

Whether he maintained his .400 average or lost it, Ted Williams reminds us it is better to act like a winner than avoid making a decision.  It turned out to be the first of his six eventual batting titles.

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