Brightening a Dark Mood

After my daughter’s wedding, my wife Cheryl and I were stressed so we attended an 8-hour stress-free living seminar with Mayo Clinic physician Dr. Amit Sood in Phoenix – not a moment too soon.

He started by telling the assembled group that we need to meditate at which point I raised my hand and said I have tried and can’t do it – many other attendees attested to the same thing.

Dr. Sood was not referring to the process of meditation where you empty your mind but instead the type he espoused where you fill it with thoughts of joy and gratitude.

What is it about gratitude that is the best “drug” available for what ails us.

Today, as I share this moment, I can reaffirm that when things go south – problems, stress, the feeling of being overwhelmed, the simple act of thinking about both who and what you are grateful for, can go a long way to brightening a dark mood.

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