You Can Control Your Happiness

A new study confirms it and backs it up with scientific answers.

If you believe you have it within your power to control your happiness, you can.

The happiest people don’t wait around for luck to make them feel better, they find ways to turn adversity into success.

It comes down to prioritizing what can be controlled and what cannot.

Here are the results of the Tracking Happiness study.

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The Panic Attack Rise

Psychologists have discovered a significant increase in Google searches for anxiety, panic attacks and treatments for panic attacks.

A Tulanne University study indicates that this may just be the tip of the iceberg.

There are many ways to deal with panic and anxiety when they occur but eliminating the episodes requires changing the way panic prone people look at things.

I recommend to my NYU music business students to read the best book ever written on the fear and worry that drives panic attacks – How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie.

Here’s a crib sheet.

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The Always-On Work Culture

The new and updated age for career burnout is a startlingly young 32.

That’s right, by 32 the angst, pressure and expectations that make us crazy now burn us out when we should be just getting started.

Trying to do too much, working long hours, “always on” no way to disconnect, pressure to overwork and the coronavirus (59% said they have started to work more hours).

59% of Gen Z is burned out from their “always-on” work culture according to a study commissioned by The Office Group and conducted by OnePoll.

No one is going to help you – it’s personal.

The only way to regain the balance is to put personal goals up there with other A1 business priorities.

It is just as important to make a life as it is to make a living.

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Winning Right Away

“If you win right away you will never know was it just a fluke or luck or were you brilliant” – Maria Konnikova

The earlier you act, the less information you have.

And stumbling along the way has its benefits because it offers information that success doesn’t offer.

Victory is mistakenly the goal but what the road that leads you to succeed guarantees you will know how to preserve your success.

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A Next-Up Mentality

When things go well, they seem to keep going well without much effort.

Confidence breeds more success.

And when it doesn’t, it seems like we will never get off the schneid.

Losing becomes easier during a losing streak.

The only attitude that transcends the ups and downs of life is anticipating the next chance to succeed.

A football player who drops a pass doesn’t fear the next throw – in fact, they want to get the ball immediately expecting to catch it.

In life, a next up mentality factors out luck.


You’re down in the ninth inning and rally to win.

You’re down in the ninth, rally and lose but feel you could have won.

Down in the ninth, no rally but you learn a tough lesson for next time.

You never give up because you know in your heart that winning is a percentage of times at bat.

Optimism is a deep-seated belief that if you take enough swings, you’ll get enough hits.

Here’s How to Practice Winning

Dominic Thiem was the first man in 70 years to come back two sets down in the U.S. Open to win a five-set match and become this year’s singles tennis champion.

In his acceptance speech Thiem hardly spent any time talking about himself.  He elevated the loser and in doing so himself and those who witnessed it.

Proving once again that we have accomplished nothing until we can show sincere gratitude for both our opponents as well as those who help us.

Watch this clip for lesson one.

The Thing About Luck

There’s good luck and then there’s bad.

Factoring in either one is a waste of time.

Both good luck and bad luck can upend what we anticipate or present new opportunities and challenges.

You don’t wait to win the lottery or lose your job.

Luck is always a factor in anything we do but making your own luck is a better bet.

Overcoming Insurmountable Odds

Failure itself is less to blame than the fear of failure.

In sports, when a team has a seemingly insurmountable lead, they play with confidence expecting the eventual win.

Individuals are far more complex.

Starting is a problem.  Many great ideas and wonderful opportunities are missed because fear of not succeeding is a hindrance.

The best way to overcome fear of failure is to change the way you think about it – see it as an opportunity to learn not as a vote on you and your value.

A ballplayer who hits .250 is failing 75% of the time but you can be sure they look forward to their next at-bat 100% of the time.

46% Happier by Saying These 3 Words

Canine Cottages fitted some dogs with heart rate monitors to discern what makes their tails wag in happiness.

They found a dog’s heart rate increases by 46% when they hear the words “I love you” from their owners.

And that dogs’ heart rates calmed down by 23% while being cuddled.

Expressing human emotions has never been more crucial than in our world of click, scroll and send so words of endearment can be powerful ways to make others happy.