Upgrading Your Friends

We often over time become the people who surround us for better or worse.

You can keep your friends even when you are aware of qualities in them that you don’t like.

Or, you can open your world to new influences by reaching out and looking around.

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase, “I have enough friends”.

Numbers don’t count – quality is everything.

Some people lose good friends because they are under the influence of not so good friends.

An underrated decision in life is who you choose as friends.

Proceed carefully because you most assuredly become like them.

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Count Your Blessings Not Your Troubles

Dale Carnegie sent us this advice long before cellphones and stress that we live with now.

Try this.

From the time you wake up, see how long it takes to find just one person who is happy and not obsessed with something wrong.

You may wait a while.

Living in a world that is so connected and yet dysfunctional makes it easy to be down and hard to be optimistic.

I have the flu, but I’ll be over it soon and better again.

I’m employed even though I may not love my job however I can find another one.

I feel loss in my life but I embrace the time I spent with that special person.

The traffic jams get worse every day, but I persist because I am happy to go where this commute takes me.

I haven’t found my soulmate yet but the fun is looking.

Science has confirmed: count your blessings not life’s stressors and it neurologically changes the hard wiring in your brain.

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If you have to have brain surgery, you want a perfectionist doing the operation.

Have dinner at an expensive restaurant, you expect the chef to be a perfectionist.

The problem is being a perfectionist kills personal happiness.

What to do?

Perfection is the goal, a worthy goal.

But not guilt, because you are imperfect.

Or worthless because you couldn’t bat 1.000.

Perfectionists often see themselves the way they think others see them.

That’s ego, not perfection.

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Catch Your Dreams Before They Slip Away

“There’s no time to lose, I heard her say
Catch your dreams before they slip away
Dying all the time
Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind
Ain’t life unkind?

Songwriters: Keith Richards / Mick Jagger
Ruby Tuesday lyrics © Abkco Music, Inc

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Battling Burnout

The odd thing about burnout is that the only way out of it is to slow down.

More lists create more stress with arguable results. 

Doing less cuts stress with better results.

Think of the weight you carry on your shoulders and how adding a fast fix will feel even more burdensome. 

Burnout starts to ease the moment you say slow down. 

Prioritizing helps you slow down.

The feeling that you’re not accomplishing something is the sure way to know you are winning the battle against burnout.

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