Def Leppard’s One-Armed Drummer

Drummer Rick Allen lost his arm in a 1984 car accident, eventually came back to play the drums for this band with one arm and a foot.

We are reminded of this because Def Leppard was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

You may have heard the term “one-armed paperhanger” but Rick Allen overcoming the adversity of losing an arm in his profession is no joke. He teared up at the induction ceremony to lots of sustained applause.

The adversity may be physical but the advantage is always in the mind.




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Doing Too Much

So, I met a very nice person in King of Prussia a few weeks ago who told me that she knows that she is doing too much for her children and is concerned about it.

Tying their shoes for them – they are 11.

Carrying their sports equipment from the car when they are athletic enough to handle it.

Chauffeuring them when school is just around the corner.

Still she feels badly.

Same applies to our individual lives.

Young people also feel like they are overwhelmed – that they lack the confidence to succeed because they are afraid to fail.

Too much means too much guilt.

Too much also means creating too much anxiety.

Trying to avoid adversity robs us of the tools that train us to handle adversity.

Replace “too much” with “I trust that you can do it”.

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Doing Your Best

I heard someone say “I’m doing my best but it’s not good enough”.


Your best is always good enough – it’s your best.

When we let ourselves believe that everything we have to offer is still not enough, we are the problem.

All my effort – that’s the best I can give.

All my sincerity exhausts what I have inside.

All my intelligence means I have turned my curiosity loose to be open to learn more – do that and it is the best that you can do.

I’m the best spouse and father I can be – if you give all you’ve got, you succeeded in spite of any criticism.

Confusing our best with how to get better is what’s killing us.

Your best is everything you can muster and that’s also how we get better.

No employee review, criticism from a mate, harsh judgment from yourself will make you better.

Just be the fine person you are and note the difference.

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Tiger Woods

Sunday, Tiger Woods won the Masters Tournament for the fifth time.

And a major golf event for the fifteenth time – three shy of all-time leader Jack Nicklaus.

After numerous back surgeries.

Scandal in his personal life.

Struggles in his chosen career.

Adversity is best when used as the ultimate motivator to achieve your goals.

It’s not just for the stars, the heroes, public figures.

Woods’ triumph over all odds reminds us that it can happen to anyone who refuses to quit and uses their adversity to find success.

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What Happens Just Before Success

It’s failure.

Study the great influencers in the world and they all have the same pattern.





Failure is a rehearsal for the success that will happen next not the end of our dream.

Learn from mistakes.

Adapt, change and begin again.

Never give up.

If you want to know how to recognize a person about to succeed, look how they handle adversity as a gift and not a curse.

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