An Easier Way to Live in the Present

You can watch the highlights in minutes instead of hours.

There is always a reset button.

Everything can be fast-forwarded.

Social media sites focus on just seconds of engagement at a time.

YouTube viewers make decisions on what to watch in less than 10 seconds – usually far less.

So how are we supposed to live in the present when there are so many shortcuts?

We learn a lot from real time experiences.

Sometimes “suffering” through the entire game makes us appreciate the victory more.

It doesn’t take meditation to live in the now.

Sometimes it means not taking the many shortcuts we now have.

I am always amazed when I visit Longwood Gardens, the DuPont arboretum on the Pennsylvania/Delaware border.

Phones are used for taking pictures of the fauna and flora, less texting.

Strangers talk to each other.

Long walks in the meadow allow people to be alone with their thoughts.

Take a new way to work and call it meditation.

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