A Dream & A Scheme

Having dreams about a better life are the essential compass for pursuing that which you want.

But acting on dreams is the harder part.

Every worthy dream deserves a worthy scheme – a plan to at the very least take a step in the direction of seeing it come true.

When dreamers are hopers then they are likely gazing into the future of what could have been.

Armed with a plan, dreams come true.

It takes many steps to fulfill a dream – ask, are your prepared to take these steps. 

Small steps are as valuable as big ones.

Also have a plan for discouragement – don’t allow it for even one second. 

How many failures are you willing to endure to live the life you want? 

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  1. Jerry, met you years ago when We were forming Surrey Broadcadting. 1979. Would love to chat soon and attempt to fill in 38 years of radio experiences! Meanwhile , I’m sending you an email from my private address used only for my family and loved one’s communications. I’ve believed and lived my life as you quoted today- Dream and have a plan!!! Works

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