A Better Way to Measure Success

What is considered a good batting average in Major League Baseball?

Between .250 and .275.

Very good batters hit .300 or above.

A batting average of .400 over a season is thought to be impossible in today’s sport.

That means a good baseball player succeeds only about 25% of the time failing 75%.

A very good player enjoys success 3 out of 10 times but fails 7 out of 10.

And virtually no one will succeed at the plate in this sport over an entire season even 40% of the time.

Yet we focus on batting 1.000 every time we do something or else we’re tough on ourselves.

How about this?

Shoot for 1.000 in effort, 25% success, 75% failure upon which you will get another try at it.

And stop killing ourselves for being human.

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